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This web site belongs to Dr John G Wright.

I have a B.Sc. and a Ph.D. in Chemistry, and I also have a B.Sc in Computing. I have carried out research in inorganic chemistry, nmr spectroscopy, difluorophosphines, transition metal complexes and the steric isotope effect in organic compounds. .

I've been a University lecturer and a College lecturer on Chemistry at all levels up to degree level.

I have attended or worked at the following Universities and Colleges: -

I have also taught IT and have an HND in Computing. I graduated with a B.Sc. in Computing from Canterbury Christ Church University.

I am a freelance writer on aviation, science and computing with about 155 articles to my name, although I don't do as much writing at the present moment as I used to do.

I am a glider pilot and Full Category instructor with over 3350 hrs experience, and all three diamond badges. I own an LS8, with the special registration number of LS8.

And, if you ask me nicely, I can build web sites, databases and online shopping systems for you.

This site will cover the following educational topics :-

Some parts will be bigger than others, some parts will be experimental and occasionally empty (if an experiment went wrong or hasn't reached the stage of being uploaded). But hopefully I'll have enough time to continually update it.

I have another web site at, which might be worth a visit. It is a simple collection of links to some of my clients' sites - their sites are a lot nicer than my own ones.

John Wright